Inc【CRM】 業績・財務データ


NYSE Inc【CRM】 業績・財務データ



(単位:百万ドル) 2011/01/31 2012/01/31 2013/01/31 2014/01/31 2015/01/31 2016/01/31 2017/01/31 2018/01/31 2019/01/31 2020/01/31 2021/01/31 2022/01/31 2023/01/31
Net income 64 -12 -270 -232 -263 -47 180 127 1,110 126 4,072 1,444 208
Depreciation and amortization
Capitalized Contract Cost, Amortization
Stock-based compensation expense
(Gains) losses on strategic investments, net
Tax benefit from intra-entity transfer of intangible property
Accounts receivable, net
Costs capitalized to obtain revenue contracts, net
Prepaid expenses and other current assets and other assets
Accounts payable and accrued expenses and other liabilities
Operating lease liabilities
Unearned revenue
Net cash provided by operating activities
Business combinations, net of cash acquired
Purchases of strategic investments
Sales of strategic investments
Purchases of marketable securities
Sales of marketable securities
Maturities of marketable securities
Capital expenditures
Net cash used in investing activities
Proceeds from Issuance of Medium-term Notes
Repayments of Slack Convertible Notes, net of capped call proceeds
Repurchases of common stock
Proceeds from Stock Plans
Principal payments on financing obligations
Repayments of debt
Net cash provided by (used in) financing activities
Effect of exchange rate changes
Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents
Income Taxes Paid, Net
Fair value of equity awards assumed
Fair value of common stock issued as consideration for business combinations

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